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    Transformation and upgrading of domestic valve industry by promoting greater appreciation of space

    In recent years, the domestic chemical machinery industry development more and more quickly, and the valve industry as an important part, also has a huge room for growth, is through the transformation and upgrading to obtain greater development.
    But, as with the chemical machinery industry, the rapid development of the valve industry gradually exposed many problems, and faced with a serious challenge, can say both opportunities and challenges, achievements and risks coexist, therefore, actively promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, to achieve breakthrough of quality and benefit has already become the route to the valve industry.
    At present, the domestic valve industry are in carrying out the transformation and upgrading, the adjustment of product structure, independent innovation, the development of intellectual property advantage products, in order to adapt to market changes, recount, to seek a breakthrough, walked out of the road of a successful development, in changing market re innovation advantage, and made some achievements. Not only won the market recognition, and get rid of the "price war" vicious competition. Even in the periphery of the economic downturn, the company has maintained a good momentum of steady growth.
    At present, the valve manufacturers like mushrooms have sprung up in the market, for the Chinese manufacturing industry to inject unlimited vitality, its contribution to the national economy is more obvious. But want to be truly based on the market, the valve manufacturing enterprises also need to deep analysis of the problems and shortcomings in the product, and to find a solution to the problem.

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