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    Why is difficult to pump valve industry in China takes high-end course

    In recent twenty years, China's valve industry in the socio-economic development of the impact of the achievements are obvious. Whether the product performance or quality has been improved. However, compared with foreign outstanding enterprises, the domestic pump and valve enterprises in the market competitiveness is still at a disadvantage. Thin profits, low ability of R & D and innovation is still a lot of domestic valve enterprises are facing problems, so in the end is what reason to hinder the domestic valve enterprises in the development of high-end line, difficult?
    Investment into the development bottleneck
    According to survey data from the CNPV union show that in the past three years, China's Valve Companies in product R & D and innovation on the capital investment is only 1/5 of the UK, is Germany's 1/3. Compared to western countries and enterprises, our R & D investment little, less than 5 percent and some even often operating income, so weak capital investment to achieve the development of breakthrough can be described as difficult.
    In the current international valve market competition is so fierce, the premise is not high investment can not get high returns, want to occupy the market place is extremely difficult. Especially as hydraulic drive valve, a safety valve and relief valve valve is need high investment to ensure that have a continuous development and innovation ability, so the lack of input let our many valve enterprises have been hovering in the low-end industries.
    Brand awareness of the valve business can not form a fist advantage
    Weak brand awareness, ignoring the investment in the brand building, which is the common problem of domestic valve companies. Lack of brand advantage is the direct consequence of the lack of recognition of customers for domestic products. Market on the same quality of valve products, customers' first choice is the well-known brands of products is the reason.
    Many enterprises are governed by the traditional marketing effects in brand promotion lack of generous, that good quality of the products will be able to in the market gain a firm foothold, and in fact in the era of the Internet economy, blindly cling to self only is a dead end. Expanding the market power of the product, forming its own brand advantage in the fierce competition in the market to take the lead. Therefore, pay attention to the brand building is to ensure that the key to the high end line of the valve companies in our country.
    Marketing lack of scientific planning
    Many of the strength of the domestic pump and valve companies are difficult to achieve substantial breakthroughs in business lies in the market is not satisfactory marketing planning. Especially in network marketing is because there is no professional platform and a state of stragglers and disbanded soldiers. And the emergence of the CNPV alliance is no doubt in the domestic valve products to high-end development has played a role in adding fuel to the flames. It is very important to promote the product of the pump and pump valve.

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