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    The cost control become an important subject of current valves

    During the two sessions this year is represented in an interview said: China's manufacturing industry has come to a critical juncture, high-end transformation, industry must upgrade, in Shanghai Ming Bao valve responsible person view this sentence also shows the status of the valve industry. Valve industry to the key is to enhance the transformation of scientific and technological strength. Last year, China's valve manufacturing company, a lot of valve company into the plight of the verge of collapse, the cost of corporate restructuring has been an urgent need.
    In some valve companies are trying to accelerate product development, sales operations, a series of cost threat is hit. For a valve company's policy operations, in addition to the source of the profit, but also need to save the cost of all possible waste. Especially in the valve industry after 10 years of rapid development, the price war between enterprises the same all manufacturers of products must have a clear price advantage, the following is the key to cost control.
    1, for the talent shortage phenomenon intensified the valve industry, the cost of personnel flow can be said is a headache for the enterprise, on the one hand, the enterprise earlier assumed the old staff training fees upfront investment, on the other hand also bear the upfront costs of hiring new staff on the job, and new staff is suitable for the risk of the post. In addition, the old employee turnover may enter their competitors' business, which gives the original business to bring the loss of important internal information or information risk. The loss of the old staff will undoubtedly give enterprises a few times higher than their income. It is understood, for valve enterprises, such as the lack of communication and exchange between employees, between departments, lead to friction and contradiction, conflict and misunderstanding, of enterprise work atmosphere, staff morale and organization efficiency, make it difficult for enterprises to form a cohesive force, artificial friction cost increases. So it is not just the valve business, all business managers are required to have the most basic ability - effective communication. Such as: the establishment of communication within the organization structure, through the flow of work in process of communication, communication through various meetings, the establishment of under the system of leadership and staff, staff and workers of the regular irregular communication, and make the employees work to reduce liquidity is also the key to cost control.
    2, many business owners think that often work overtime, and employees after work overtime is a professional phenomenon. As everyone knows, this may imply a high cost. The reason is that overtime work may be hidden in a staff inefficient; overtime work may affect employee effectiveness and brings hidden trouble to the enterprise, such as fatigue machine operators are likely to encounter accident.
    3, the credit cost of integrity has become one of the important factors for the cooperation between valve companies. In the short term arrears payment to supplier, arrears of staff salaries, withhold from the people, default bank loans and behavior, although can reduce corporate liquidity pressure, but in the long run, which will become a business serious hidden costs. No credit of the enterprise, who will cooperate with it?
    Cost control is the enterprise life cycle requires sustained attention focus, for the large valve company, to the cost to benefit, to loss to profit has become a consensus, product technology R & D has been around the lower cost, cost control has become the current valve company's important topic.

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