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    Improve the safety of the valve products

    The world has entered a period of economic globalization, the inevitable trend of economic globalization is the standard internationalization. Through study of correlation of ISO standard and our national standard valve, on China's valve standards adoption situation have a general understanding, determined by the direction, increase the intensity of adoption of international standards. At the same time, to strive for substantive participation in international standardization work, the standard of China into the international standards, the international standards for the right to say and the dominant. Due to historical reasons and regional reasons, the current ISO/TC153 "valve" has been formed in Europe and America as the main body of the pattern. Therefore, the national standard authority on the one hand the valve positive initiative to attend and host meetings with international standards; on the other hand, actively send our experts to join the "SC" and standard working group "WC" Standards Committee of the international organization "TC", sub committee, seriously international criteria for the vote, and will be on China's favorable terms to provide to the ISO/TC153 Secretariat, the international standards to reflect our reasonable requirements.
    Improve the safety of the valve products, and ensure the safety of equipment and personnel. Many valves are used in pressure piping, safety critical. The State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine has promulgated the "special equipment safety technical specification", which is a kind of pressure piping components, and is also included in the special equipment. Valves caused by accidents, mainly for two reasons, one is the product did not meet the standard requirements, such as shell wall thickness, welding connection of inspection requirements, material requirements, another reason is installation, improper use. National valve Standardization Committee has always attached great importance to the security requirements of product standards, these requirements is referenced in the "special equipment safety technical specifications", become mandatory requirements, thus to maximize the security of equipment and personnel safety. Valve standardization technotogy Committee in recent years has applied to formulate the valve body of the minimum wall thickness requirements specification "," industrial valve installation maintenance General requirements "standard. Valve product standards in the safety requirements and the valve safety standards will be a focus of future work.

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